The Official Air Force 1 Thread•••NO SELLING ALLOWED!!!

6th December 2012 07:27
Yeah I think I'm done with Forces.
6th December 2012 13:08
It's been a loooooooooooooooooooong time since I've been on this thread but I finally got time to take pics of my latest IDs. These were NOT inspired by the Yeezys as everyone will probably think. I actually was 'inspired' by the Adidas Conductor Stormtrooper/ Death Star series. The toe box and sole are the GITD option and I used the Max sole because I felt that the OG was a little too conservative for this design. Finished it off w/ the infrared for a little 'pop'. Enjoy

Very nice. I really like the infrared on the inside, nice touch.
6th December 2012 20:08
Anyone else hoping they release the new sheeds? I love them.
7th December 2012 01:29
^i hope they release the regular version and not that hyperfuse ish

but i had had my eye on these LTs since they were up a little over a month ago (maybe even longer), and ever since then the price keep getting lower and lower since no one was bidding on them and i waited til they hit $10 to snag them, so now a have a pair to wear and a pair to keep on ice! I love to get steals!

My on ice pair...

my future wear pair...
7th December 2012 03:36
i am looking forward to these badboys! But i think they would look better without the mesh over the snake skin

7th December 2012 03:37
7th December 2012 04:22
Nike buggin dropping 25 forces on the same day..
7th December 2012 04:38
^i like that, cause its a better chance for me to get what i actually want, even though i know they probably wont sell that fast
7th December 2012 05:32
Am I the only one pumped for these Lunar Air Force 1's?

im pumped too but only for the medicom whites
7th December 2012 22:35
random question but does anybody know what this "keep it coming" thing is that Nike is doing with AF1's? i keep seeing ppl post pics for it but no clue what it is.