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12th February 2009 22:14
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12th February 2009 22:16
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12th February 2009 22:20
How much does a size 8 AF1 Taiwan run now a days?
12th February 2009 22:30
^depends on the condition...ds icy can go for more than 450
12th February 2009 23:19
You think the Bespoke joint is worth it??? casue i know there is some better ways to spend the check but a supremely exclusive pair of af1's with your touch and great materials, is up there.
12th February 2009 23:36
Thanks for the thread.
13th February 2009 04:04
13th February 2009 04:16
13th February 2009 04:29

bespoke af1
13th February 2009 04:34

How Can You Get A Pair Of These Bespokes?