The OFFICIAL Avy Inc. REQUESTS Only Thread

15th November 2012 19:23
Requested Member: zLaZer_DS
Text: gf
Image URL:''
Font Name: Your Decision
Font Color: Your Decision

Please and thank you.

15th November 2012 22:42
16th November 2012 13:56
Looks pretty dope. I wish I could get that background area with a little darker red, whatcha think? Ca you lighten the face and add some red blood tear drops falling from his eye?
16th November 2012 16:46

thanks man looks awesome
16th November 2012 22:40
Requested Member: Anyone.
Text: Steveeex21
Image URL:''
Font Name: Up to you.
Font Color: Red.
Flashing Font: Yes or No. Yes.
Flashing Color: Up to you.
Border: Yes or No. Yes.
Border Color: Black
Background Lines or Dots: No.
Additional Requests: Can you try to blur out the background or something ? My room's too messy haha.

Thank you in advance .
16th November 2012 23:26
Unfortunately my fucking video card shit the bed, so I had to send my laptop in to Best Buy. The one I have now doesn't have Photoshop on it, so I'm out of commission until I get mine back. They told me that it should be 1-2 weeks
18th November 2012 20:19
Requested Member: Any
Text: JDroopy
Image URL:
Font Name: Any
Font Color: Green more like Miami Hurricanes color with white out line.
Flashing Font: No
Flashing Color:
Border: Yes
Border Color: Blac
Background Lines or Dots: Lines
Additional Requests:

25th November 2012 00:33
I'm back

28th November 2012 22:38
can i just get a santa hat here please
29th November 2012 03:31
I was wondering when the santa hat requests would start rolling in.