Tech Junkies User Group Application

13th February 2012 05:54

The Tech Junkie User group is looking to possibly add a few new members to our squad.

If you do not know about us already. Here is a little background. We are one of the original user groups on Sole Collector. We are a group of forum members who have a passion for the Tech Forum, and the related subjects such as Computers, Cell Phones, Video Games, and most anything Tech in general. I consider us one of the most useful and valuable user groups as we offer FREE Tech Help, via the Tech Help Desk, and through other topic specific forums.

Now what we are looking for.
We are looking for members who are active, and are relatively consistently active. We all understand we take breaks from the Forums because real life is more important. But those who have a passion for the Forums, and the Tech forum specifically make a point to check in a pretty regular basis. Speaking for myself, I am on a few times a day on average, and at least once at worst. We want someone that enjoys the Tech Forum, will be an active poster, help enforce basic guidelines and ethics within the forum. You do not need extensive knowledge of technology to be in this group, just an active passion for Technology. Do not be afraid to apply.

Send me a PM. Do not worry about guidelines, just tell me a little bit about yourself, and why you think you would make a good fit in the Tech Junkies.

We are a tight family, and we all keep in touch via our Tech Junkie Chat thread. So if you want to be part of a family that loves Technology, and wants to better the forums. Please apply.
13th February 2012 05:58
Good luck to all applicants.
13th February 2012 06:02
Good luck to all applicants.

my boy irvin... im gonna be in sd this week to grab my 4's lets get lunch
13th February 2012 06:11
I'm down man. Haven't seen you since the Gucci/RESN release.
13th February 2012 06:19
Dope! Sup Brock! Met you at the shoeZeum last year. Might apply but again like Irv said good luck to all that apply!
13th February 2012 06:29
Dope! Sup Brock! Met you at the shoeZeum last year. Might apply but again like Irv said good luck to all that apply!

yoo! ... i remember meeting you.. its Nay? right.. i hope i didnt come off as rude or anything but I knew we were on a time limit, and there was SO much to see... i was trying so hard to document as much as i could.. i could barely even put a dent in it..

send me a short app and we can talk a little more about what the groups about via pm..
13th February 2012 06:42
13th February 2012 06:49
impressed with all applicants so far..!
13th February 2012 18:27
Whoop... Whoooo
13th February 2012 18:28
GL to all that apply...