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17th November 2012 08:39
Yeah the deals on Windows 8 already make me a bit hesitant to upgrade. I like 7 just fine. Anything is better than Vista.
19th November 2012 03:59
I don't like the whole tiles thing that MS has been trying to push lately. Its okay on the Xbox, but as for a computer/phone/tablet OS I just don't like it at all.

I installed Chrome and it worked until I closed, then it never opened again. Had to restart the computer just to open Chrome like 5 times. Ended up having to edit the Registry just to make Chrome work.

Comes with a lot of bloatware, so I wanted to uninstall some. Every time that I uninstalled a program it closes every window that I had open.

I have two monitors(laptop screen and one more) and every time the computer goes to sleep it defaults back to duplicating the screen on both instead of expanding, and it changes the screen res to really low.

The Desktop app is just a really watered down shitty version of the Win7 desktop, minus the start menu, which is a major pain in the ass.

And the last of my complaints so far is that the setup is very counter intuitive to me. Things that I needed were in strange places or accessed in a weird way, I don't like looking up how to do simple shit like uninstall some programs


/rant accepted. Glad to hear this before I went all W8 crazy. I still might try it, but I am worried that Windows 8 for the holiday is going to be a great disappointment.
24th November 2012 05:22
Anyone pick up anything good for Black Friday?
24th November 2012 07:23
Anyone pick up anything good for Black Friday?

best avy ever!

i picked up cds at rasputin
24th November 2012 08:10
i got the 250 gb slim ps3 with uncharted 1 and 2, and all the Infamous games.. for 200$ and grabbed Dead Island for xbox for 8 dollars..
24th November 2012 10:10
Got a bunch of Blus. Wasn't really worth it but I hung out with some people I never have a chance to.
24th November 2012 20:20
I did not pick up anything on Friday, but looking too pick up a couple of things on Cyber Monday.
24th November 2012 23:53
I picked up a new TV

Got a 40" Samsung LED, and I got a 2TB external HDD for like nothing.

And, if I can find a Nexus 7 for sale on Cyber Monday, I might pick one up.
27th November 2012 02:06
Not even sure how I would react...

27th November 2012 04:09
Not even sure how I would react...

Saw this on reddit. lol'd
Curious if anyone was brave enough to hit her