TOMBZ collection post.

19th September 2010 23:37

I have 72 pairs of sneakers.....
Which includes a full 1-23 collection
And two pairs of yeezys...

I don't really care about how many pairs I have now so don't judge by numbers. You only care about that when you first start off your collection.. After that, you realize that having a bunch of sneakers you will never wear makes little sense. There are more important things in this world to do with your time and money. Another fact is that no matter how many shoes you have, your sneakers only give you a misinterpreted sense of style. I see a lot of sneakerheads these days with nice shoes, but really that is about it. They buy a bunch of shoes, then they have to suffer the fact that they didn't work on their personality that should have progressed throughout the process. Your personality is shown through what you choose to buy for your own tastes.. Or in some unfortunate cases, is shown what you buy to impress others. Money cannot buy you style, nor can sneakers get you women. So If that is what most collectors are going for these days, then I feel sorry for them because they are hiding behind an image that in real life holds no weight. I'd rather have my talents define me as a man, and have my style come from me and not some outside influence.

When it really comes down to it, no one cares how many shoes you have..... but you. Those who do care to notice are closed minded.


Well I guess you can say I started off in 2000. When I was just a kid, I never used to buy myself anything. My mother used to buy my clothes and ether they were on layaway or were old clothes stitched up. I remember the air Jordan sixteens came out and I wanted those shoes so bad as an adolescent. My friend used to sit right in front of me, and he had them. I hated him for getting the shoes before me, and his mom was able to provide him with expensive things. Jealously made me want to work even harder to obtain the things I didn’t have. To me a pair of jordans were the American dream for me. My mom brought me some Reeboks and that was cool, because the next year I had some Allen Iverson questions. They were quite unique because they had a zipper in the front of them which made them stand out. I understood my mom just didn't have the money. That's when I knew I had to get it on my own.

I started off washing cars, getting 7 dollars a car. Over time I got enough money to buy my first pair of Jordans. When I got them I thought I was the man everywhere I went. I beat those shoes to death, they were the air Jordan seventeens. I guess you can say my hunger is the reason I started to collect in the first place. I wanted the attention that jordans gave. The feeling of walking into a room and I was the center of attention was for me was just exciting. I knew that jordans could make that happen, we have a term in the sneaker world called “breaking necks” which is making people double take on your shoes. From then on I started to get them on my own, working here and there. I even used to buy jordans sizes bigger so I could wear them when I got older. It's an addiction, but it kept me out of trouble like drugs and gangs. In high school I got a job at a local safeway, and I was paid on a weekly basis. I remember buying a pair of shoes a week, rarely eating with friends. Sneakers to me a priority over eating food my hunger lied in other things. I had every release date marked on my calendar so I knew when I had to stop eating and save money. When I wasn’t able to purchase the newest sneakers just the sheer sight of seeing someone else with the ones I wanted was the motivation to buy the next pair.

Do I regret it now no, yes I could have done a lot more things with my money besides waste it on shoes but it is something I love.Up to date I have around hundred and twenty seven jordans, and that’s not including other shoes aswell. The most I ever spent on a pair of shoes was around 1200 dollars and they were the Louis Vuitton jaspers a purchase I had to go months without eating to get. The prices of each pair are different from each pair to the next but I never remember spending less than a hundred and fifty dollars on a pair. When I was tired of looking in the stores for shoes, I began to go on the internet. I found a whole society of people like myself on fourms like solecollector, and niketalk. Today I have countless feedback on those sites from purchasing from other collectors, the art of shoe collecting is a culture. Depending on what shoes a person is wearing, sneakers are a way to make bonds with other people who enjoy collecting aswell. In the long run, I don’t regret a thing because I found a family that enjoys the same interests as I do. No matter how far we are from each other, we are related through the struggle of obtaining the next pair.

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19th September 2010 23:49
Nice collection tombz.
Don't you have infrareds btw?
19th September 2010 23:51
Nice collection tombz.
Don't you have infrareds btw?

Yeah... I'm missing acouple pictures right now in there.
19th September 2010 23:53
dope stuff keep doin ur thing............................................................................................................................
20th September 2010 00:04
hey nice overall collection !!! i like the way you rock your kicks too you must have a nice camera also
20th September 2010 00:31
Dope Collection Tombz.
20th September 2010 00:42
Those lightning 4s are the shit. How do the 5s fit? iv never owned a pair but they look nice
20th September 2010 01:00
Good to see you've posted your collection, always like your fits in WDYWT
20th September 2010 01:55
good collection nice yeezy's keep it upppppp
20th September 2010 01:55
nice collection really like those patent leather 1s