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Use this thread to ask questions about Jordan Brand and anything else you need information about. Before any questions are addressed, read below: - The OLD SCHOOL site to look up numbered Jordans and the #1 site back in the day for ANYTHING Air Jordan! No longer in commission but back via the web archive! - Shutdown





Wearability - Can my pair be worn?

Legit Check Forum - Legit Check

Jordan Price Check - How Much This Costs/Worth?

Customs/Restorations forum - Jordan Preservation/Restoration

Sizing Questions Post - How Do _____ Fit?

SC Board Dictionary - What is the abbreviation for _____?

Jordan Comparisons - Compare distinctions between similar colorways of OG & Retro releases.

Michael Jordan Jersey Guide - This is your guide related to all types of jerseys MJ wore throughout his career.

Sole Collector's Air Jordan Archive Project - Up & coming guide to every Air Jordan released.


Frequently Asked Questions

-What is Jordan Brand?
A division of NIKE, Inc., Jordan Brand is a premium brand of footwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the dynamic legacy, vision and direct involvement of Michael Jordan. The Jordan Brand made its debut in 1997 and has grown into a complete collection of performance and lifestyle products for both men and women. The Jordan Brand remains active in the community by donating a portion of its proceeds to Jordan Fundamentals, an education grants program for teachers.

For more information on Jordan Brand, visit''

-Who are the designers of Air Jordan series I-XX3 and beyond?
Air Jordan 1: Peter Moore
Air Jordan 2: Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore
Air Jordan 3 thru 13: Tinker Hatfield
Air Jordan 14: Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith
Air Jordan 15: Tinker Hatfield
Air Jordan 16 and 17: Wilson Smith III
Air Jordan 18 and 19: Tate Kuerbis
Air Jordan 20: Tinker Hatfield
Air Jordan XX1 and XX2: Dwayne Edwards
Air Jordan XX3: Tinker Hatfield
Air Jordan 2009: Jason Mayden
Air Jordan 2010: Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith
Air Jordan 2011: Tinker Hatfield and Tom Luedecke
Air Jordan 2012: Tinker Hatfield and Tom Luedecke

-What were each Air Jordan inspired by?

V - World War II British fighter plane, Supermarine Spitfire MkVIII

VII - Nike Huarache technology & afropop worldwide poster of a guy playing an african shaped guitar. Tinker was walking the streets of Portland and noticed poster in the window of a record store.

IX - Right shoe:
Dédié (French) - Dedicated
Fuerza (Spanish) - Force
Intenso (Italian) – Intense
Liberté (French) – Freedom
Anmutig (German) – Graceful

Left shoe:
Cпорт (Russian) – Sport
Uhuru (Swahili) – Independence
Cвобода (Russian) – Freedom
Athletisch (German) – Athletic
Muundaji (Swahili) – Hope

There are also two Japanese words that reads "world" and "sport".

XII - Japanese Rising Sun flag

XIII - Black Panther

XIV - Michaels car, the Ferrari 550 M

XV - X-15 fighter jet developed by NASA during the 1950's

XVIII - Lamborghini

XIX - Black Mamba

XX - Jordan Brand Racing

XX1 - Bentley

XX2 - F-22 Raptor

XX3 - Considered design

-When did the first Team Jordans come out?
1997 is when Jordan Brand and Team Jordans were introduced.

-Did they ever make/retro _____?
Check out or''

-Why did Nike choose the cities they chose for the Og X's city series? Chi X's, Seattle's, Nyc's, Sacramento's etc.
My answer to this question would be this. At the time of the conception of "Jordan Brand" athletes and players, Jordan hand picked players from the league to represent the brand. Players from these cities at the time would be

Seattle - Kendall Gill
Orlando - Nick Anderson
Sacramento - Mitch Richmond
New York - Hubert Davis
Miami - Harold Minor
Chicago - Scottie Pippen / Michael Jordan

-What is Jordan Brand's affiliation with Nike today?
Jordan Brand is somewhat of a separate entity from Nike. They are another branch, like how Nike has Basketball, Gridiron, Running, etc. The shoes are still produced through Nike, as you can see on the bottom of Jordan boxes.

-Why is the AIR JORDAN on the IV's and V's upside down?
Back in the late 80's, it was fashionable to flip your tongue down, so that when people walking by see your shoes, the AIR JORDAN is right side-up.

-What does the greek like writing spell out to on the tongue of the XI's?
On all XI's except for the 2000 Space Jams, it reads JUMPMAN JORDAN sideways. On the 2000 Space Jams, it reads JUMPMAN JAM.

-Why are _____ boxes bigger than _____ boxes, but they are the same size?
Some shoes are bigger. Naturally, the cut of the shoe determines the box. The boxes for a certain size should not be the same for every kind of shoe. Compare a 9.5 box of the 06 Retro V's with a 9.5 box of the 06 Retro IV's. The IV's box is smaller.

-What FTPS stand for on a Jordan tag
Feng Tay Player Sample. Feng Tay is a factory in Indonesia where older Jordans used to be made. PS means Player Sample. Usually these shoes are made especially for Michael Jordan.

-How do you spot B-Grades?
B-Grades have a stamp on either the size tag, insole, or box of the shoe. Any and all shoes that didn't get sold at Niketowns, Champs, Footlockers, Finishlines, etc. get sent back and find their way at the Nike Factory Stores.

It's up to the consumer to then inspect their shoes. Usually shoes that are at the Nike Factory stores are either B-grades or excess stores or Nike warehouses could not sell or ship out nationwide. B-grades will have a stamp on the inside tag, box or box tag meaning it is less than perfect or has minimal flaws. So shoes at the Nike Factory Stores don't have the stamp so that just means it was excess.

-What does the braille spell out on the Air Jordan XVI gaitor?


-What do the numbers ( on the XV represent?
2/17 is his birthday
23 is, well, 23.
6 is the number of championships
15 is the shoe.

-What is the difference between Elephant and Cement print?
Elephant print is on the III's. The Black Cements and White Cements are called that way not because of the PRINT itself, but the COLOR of the print. Cement is the name of the grey in elephant print. Cement print is on the White Cement. It is essentially a cement color with black speckles.

-What Jordans have Elephant print on them?
All III's, XI IE Lows, XIX Lows, Spizikes, Retro I Low "West Side Regional Edition" (white / chlorine blue / sonic yellow) a pair of DTRT III's and the 3Lab5's.

-What does it mean when it says Urban Accounts and Niketowns Only?This is an LS release, meaning only stores with Urban Accounts (call your local stores) and Niketowns will only carry them. Eastbay will also carry them. '' has a list of Urban Account stores.

-What numbers did Jordan wear?
23, 45 (basketball & baseball)
12 (stolen jersey game against the Magic 2/14/90)
9 ('84 & '92 Olympics)
5 (partial '84 Olympics)
35 (Scottsdale Scorpions Baseball)

-Is it September Blue or Sport Blue?
It is Sport Blue. People misconceive it can call it September because in catalogs, it is abbreviated Spt, which people took for September. The Original Catalog for 1991 shows Sport, not September.

-How do you get PE's (Player Exclusives)?
You either have to know people, have hook-ups, or pay lots of money.

-What's the difference between University Blue and Carolina Blue?
There is no difference.

-Why did JB start removing the Nike Air and swoosh logos from the Jordans to replace them with the jumpman. What year did they start switching out the logos and what was the last shoe to have the nike air logos?

Jordan Brand was at a time where they wanted to establish their own separate entity from NIKE so they went away from the swoosh for good starting with the Air Jordan XII. The year was 1997 starting with the OG's and its boxes.

The swoosh came back for the 99 retros starting with the IV's and the last came after the Black/Cement III's released back in 01 then disappeared and then came back on the Jordan '88 Retro in 2013 at a price of $200. It is said that the raised price was due to JB paying licensing fees to Nike in order to use the Nike Air branding.

-How limited are the _______ and how many pairs have been made?

We cannot determine how limited or how many pairs JB or NIKE made of a particular shoe. It is best to direct your inquiry to customer service at NIKE or Jordan Brand.

Air Jordan Flight Club

FAQ courtesy of NIKE Customer Service FAQ

font-weight: bold;">-What is the Air Jordan Flight Club?

This is a new direct online channel for the Jordan Brand. It will feature exclusive content and merchandise available strictly to members of Flight Club. Membership will be via invitation only.

How do I gain access to Flight Club?

An e-mail went out on 11/5/2007 announcing the Flight Club. To have received this e-mail, you must be a registered member by 10/25/07 and opted in to receive Nike e-mail. The e-mail contained a pass code that will allow you to register on the Flight Club site.

To anyone that needs a Flight Club invitation:

Text flight club to 23623

Limited number of invites available & won't work on all wireless carriers.

What is the web address to Jordan Flight Club?

The web address is

What if I did not receive an e-mail invitation to join Air Jordan Flight Club, how can I get one?

All e-mail invitations went out with an option to refer a friend. If one of your friends's received the invite, ask them to send you the referral invitation!

When will the first product be available for Flight Club Members?

The first item will be the Air Jordan Retro XV on 11/05/2007 at 3 PM PT exclusively to Air Jordan Flight Club members.

Is there a limit on how many Air Jordan Retro XV I can buy?

The Air Jordan Retro XV will be limited to 2 per consumer.

Can I call in my Air Jordan Flight Club order into Nike?

Nike consumer services agents will not be able to place orders for this product, as it can only be purchased if you are a registered member of the Flight Club.

-Why haven't I received an invitation for Flight Club when I have been a member for a long time now?
If you were opted into and gave consent to receive Nike e-mails as of 10/25/07 but did not receive an e-mail invitation to Jordan Flight Club, please contact us at 1-800-806-6453 for assistance.

-I lost my invitation code, what should I do?
We would be happy to locate that code for you. If you received an e-mail invitation from Jordan Flight Club but misplaced that, we can help. You will be required to verify personal information from your user profile to obtain your lost code.

-What do I do if I want to return my Flight Club purchase?
A Jordan Flight Club purchase must be sent back to the to our Blue Ribbon Direct warehouse as indicated in your package. Our Nike retail stores are unable to accept returns on these special Flight Club purchases. Please refer to your package invoice for further details. [/quote:0f3cc76779]

-Regarding this image located on the XX


The numbers are the Nike employee id #'s of the designers that helped with the shoes. Tom Foxen and Josh Heard are part of the design team on the Air Jordan XX

-What serial numbers are the Retro Air Jordan I's and do I have a legit pair?
Here is a compiled list:

[quote:0f3cc76779]Black Red - 136066-061

38345 - 010507 Y3 - US / JP / HK / SG / FR / AU / more
14984 - 010507 Y3 - US / JP / HK / SG / FR / AU / more
05134 - 010507 Y3 - US / SG / etc
00000 - 010507 Y3 - US / TW / etc
01736 - 010507 PC8 - TW
00400 - 010507 PC8 - TW
0001/4000 - XXXXXX Y3 - Youth Sizes 1Y-6Y

Total of SIX serial numbers for the adult pairs.

* 38345 and 14984 should be a FULL size run.

Number of adult pairs made (at least)
= 38345 + 14984 + 5134 + 1736 + 400
= 60599
(plus the number of pairs that had the 00000 / 00000 serial - a couple thousand perhaps)

White Silver Navy 136065-101

22732- US / HK / etc
07016- FR / BE / GER / HK / etc
07560- US / FR / UK / BE / HK / etc
05290- FR / HK / etc
01166- US
05183- US (for Very large sizes)
00000- US / TW / etc
01176- TW
0001/4000 - Youth Sizes 1Y-6Y

Total of EIGHT serial numbers for the adult pairs.

* 22732 should be a FULL size run

Number of adult pairs made (at least)
= 22732 + 7016 + 7560 + 5290 + 1166 + 5183 + 1176
= 50123
(plus the number of pairs that had the 00000 / 00000 serial - a couple thousand perhaps)[/quote:0f3cc76779]

Thanks to scones @ NT

-What do the initials mean on a Jordan / Nike tag?

Nike Sneaker Production Factories

Taiwan R.O.C.,Korea,Vietnam,Thailand,Indonesia,Italy,Japan,United States

Nike Factory Codes

Taiwan - FT1, FT2, FT4, FT8, PC3, PC8

2. Korea - ST, ST5, S7, T2-1, T2-A, T2-D, TY, TY1, ST-P, SH, BY

3. China - LN2, LN3, LN4, Y2, Y3, Y2-3, QH, QS

4. Indonesia - ID, IB, IN, IW

5. Thailand - PA

6. Vietnam - VT

7. Italy (N/A - factory code system not in use yet during the late '80s)

8. Japan (N/A - factory code system not in use yet during the 70s-80s)

9. United States (N/A - factory code system not in use yet during the late 70s-80s)

friend on myspace just answered my question..3days late

-What is the difference between a Retro and a Retro +?
Retros are those colorways that are of the OG release and Retro + colorways are those in which have not released previously and are a new colorway of that specific model.

^^Specific to the Air Jordan VI Retro + Infared release

i got the answer

remember when the samples of the infareds were shown and alot ppl hated how they switch the color placement? on the box it was retro+ but JB later just released the og color as a retro but didnt change the retro+ to retro on the box

-Where can I get more info on the yellowing of clear soled Jordans and how can I fix them or stop the process?
Seaglow Ultimate Guide by Automata

[b:0f3cc76779]-How come some OG Jordan X's have the jumpmans both facing to the left and some have them facing towards each other like this




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does anyone know a website that sells the dmp xi in size 10.5-11
30th March 2008 20:42
does anyone know a website that sells the dmp xi in size 10.5-11

Wanted forum. This doesn't belong here.
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a website, not a personal seller, how does that belong in wanted?
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a website, not a personal seller, how does that belong in wanted?

Yes, or search around. This place isn't where you should ask "where can I get __"
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The other day i was looking for a certain pair and asking on here was very helpful, isn't that the point of this place? Being helpful and informative?
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The other day i was looking for a certain pair and asking on here was very helpful, isn't that the point of this place? Being helpful and informative?

This is a FAQ for JORDANS. We're here to answer questions about history, design, etc. This is no place for Legit Checks, Finding a Shoe somewhere, Size questions, fit, etc. They all have their own threads/forums.
Please search for the correct place.
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what was the jordan to have the smallest number of pairs made? i mean as in pairs released to the public to be bought, not won by raffle or anything. is it the thunders?
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^i believe xq 1s. which was 240 but that was china only so idk if you would include it