| TBF | Team Big Footers Official SZ14+ Thread Vol 5.0 '12

6th December 2012 19:35
Nice steal! Lmk if you need any tips, RIT white brightner in liquid form is a god send for the white mesh uppers
6th December 2012 20:12
Appreciate it. I was only able to find the powder form RIT white brightner. Haven't given it a shot yet tho.
6th December 2012 21:29
Hey Squatch was it a sz 15 that sold recently on ebay for like $130?

A 16 for 139.00 No heel drag at all, 23 intact and 1 slight crease in the right shoe. Just need a good cleaning.

Great deal
7th December 2012 00:27
Sup fam!?

My on feet for the night. Love this cw

7th December 2012 01:46
Sup fam!?

My on feet for the night. Love this cw

SICK!!!! I'm waiting til I can wear mine on both feet before I un ds em. I did un ds one of my Floridians today though
7th December 2012 02:39
Here's one more KD IV for the collection...

KD IV iD IMG_3081 by theute44, on Flickr

7th December 2012 02:54
Sweet I did the same pair but not the yotd version, with paint splatter on the midsole very sick colorway bro
7th December 2012 02:55
DAMN IT!!!! I ordered the new Nike Zoom Revis two days ago from eastbay and they just cancelled my order. The shoes were back ordered when I placed the order. I was gonna get em for $103 shipped with the 20% off code I used. Guess they didn't end up getting in any more size 14s. Shitty thing is now they aren't available anywhere in my size. I even had @nikestore do a product search. They said that Nike NYC has em in my size and when I called there they said they don't even have those shoes!!! PISSED!!!!

Ok my rant is over!
7th December 2012 02:56
Not sure if anyone is interested but the new Cam Newton Under Armour Cam Highlight trainer is available now at eastbay.com. Retail is $150 but you can use discount codes on em.
7th December 2012 03:43
Sup fam!?

My on feet for the night. Love this cw

like that tone son