Supreme 2013 Thread [Fall/Winter Preview Up] (SELLING = BAN)

3rd February 2013 21:16
I can't help but respect them as a business. They know even better than we do that regardless of what they put out, it'll sell out sooner or later. Even if it's the same flower print from my grandma's shirt or that dogs and ducks shit from the Cabela's Outdoor catalog.
3rd February 2013 22:03
that floral print is horrid.
5th February 2013 10:34
Floral hoody is a cop hopefully it comes in white
7th February 2013 01:01
Those floral camps look kinda sketchy idk it's probably just me.

Hoping for some cool jerseys this season, preferably a new hockey one
7th February 2013 02:41
Have to grandma might think i was pulling a prank and wearing her tablecloth if she caught me in that hoodie
7th February 2013 16:21
lol same dudes hatin gonna b outside campin to cop

mark my word bros
7th February 2013 16:49
Floral looks good on Chukkas.

7th February 2013 21:10
^^ nah ^^

whats the going price for a DS supreme x popeye hood in grey size L?
7th February 2013 21:19
Floral looks good on Chukkas.

yah the chukkas look nice...
7th February 2013 22:56
Chukkas are fire