Sneaker Exchange 3.0

10th December 2012 19:08
sounds like the move for when dealing with low feedback folks
11th December 2012 19:55
Good system
15th December 2012 15:19
So upset I didnt know about this, just got robbed by user TRMITCH3 of a pair of Chicago 10s. **********HE IS A SCAMMER********

Unbelievable how desparate some dirtbags can be.
16th December 2012 06:06
Costs so much money
16th December 2012 07:03
Costs so much money

You can work out a deal with your trading partner. He/she could pay for your fees? Just a thought.
17th December 2012 18:29
Who would be the best bet if I'm in PA and the other guy is in TX
17th December 2012 19:07
Who would be the best bet if I'm in PA and the other guy is in TX

CT guys?
17th December 2012 22:10
this is probably one of the smartest ways to ensure that fraud doesn't occur. Good job
17th December 2012 22:41
Wait so we pay for shipping to the middle-man and person we are trading with? As well as 20 for the middle-man to ship to the trader or back to us??
18th December 2012 23:08
You pay to ship your shoes and a $20.00 fee to re-ship your item after we have both items in hand. The $20.00 fee is to pay for re-shipping your item to the person youre trading or selling to.