Sneaker Exchange 3.0

23rd March 2011 07:44'
27th March 2011 16:04
Great this was missing for an while glad they have brought it back
30th April 2011 20:42
this is an awesome system, more people need to use it
2nd May 2011 17:46
Im glad to be a part of this system but, to bad the people that Ive interacted with havent posted their experience.
2nd May 2011 21:40
As of today, I will be accepting Sneaker Exchange requests.
16th May 2011 23:41
this is great, ive been scammed before but ive learned my lesson. im gonna use the sole exchange from now on
24th May 2011 04:24
wow I had no idea they were doing this! its great i'm definitely gonna use it in the future. ^^^ sadly, I too have been scammed before. not a good feeling.
22nd June 2011 04:35
wow i cannot believe we have this! 20 bucks ain't bad if you dont want to get scammed.
7th July 2011 19:56
Been Scammed 2wice on here so im def using this and no longer messin wit 0 FB people
15th July 2011 17:13
i was hesitant to always offer on here, glad i found this out, will look to make some purchases