Size 12 only. A little bit of everything. Only Nike!

24th January 2013 18:06

Edit: 25.01.2013

24th January 2013 21:25
Very nice collection! Love those 4's, Bord's, and XI's. Also nice LeBron Elites, I have the white pair and I see them on clearance racks everywhere now, really slept on shoe. It's amazing in person. Love my pair. Nice collection!
25th January 2013 00:56
Nice collection, love those yeezy's
25th January 2013 02:12
Yeezy's nice
25th January 2013 02:25
Nice collection
25th January 2013 22:40
bro this is the best collection i've have seen yet
25th January 2013 22:45
nice collection
26th January 2013 08:47
I must say im a size 12 I'm pretty much in tears and clapping I missed on a few of these on release.
26th January 2013 08:48
I know I'll never get the Kanye joints but i need the Stealth Foams then I'll start posting my collection.
26th January 2013 14:54
Nice collection and its my size