Site Check: Rare1s

28th January 2013 23:22'

AND their eBay account:


Has anyone ordered (pre-ordered) from them? Legit?

Thanks in advance!
29th January 2013 02:19
They are legit, but pre-orders are sketchy, I wouldn't trust doing that.
29th January 2013 03:27
Thank you for the reply bro.

In what sense, if you don't mind me asking. Found them selling kicks on eBay, guess grabbing the PayPal invoice isn't worth it?

Much appreciated!
29th January 2013 23:00
I misunderstood. I actually meant buying shoes from websites that have the shoe in hand ready to ship weeks before the release date is very sketchy.

If you pay for the shoe and they ship on the release date then you should be good.