Shoes I have accumulated- ubermega-awesomeness! complete!!

17th January 2011 23:58
Good day/evening ladies and gentleman (and thugs, playaz, ballers, gangstas, hoodrats, buddys, pals, chiefs, hos, pimps, knuckleheads, skeezers, geezers, princes, princesses, cholos, esays, homies, crackheads, gringos, pinoys, dudes, brothers, sisters, bloods, crips, eight-tres gangtas, bosses, %#!@+#@, cats, dawgs, shawtys, babygirlz, killers, kids, crackheads, etc (please feel free to add apostrophe's where needed.
long time lurker, rare poster-on holidays- weather sucks balls and too much time my hands.
Got the first part out of the way (about half way there- woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhoooooooooooohhhhhhhhh livin on a prayer, take my hand and we'll make it i swear, wwwwwwwoooooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh livin on a prayer........LIVIN ON A PRAYER- richie sambora guitar solo- AWESOME!!!)



max and maxish stuff

early running
and a couple that i forgot to put in group shots
stay erotic
edit: added 18/1/01huarache/lights/racer


edit added 19/1/11




aussie aussie aussie

nort talaria

and the greatest ever shoe (well equal with j iv/footscape/huara light)

have waaaaaaay too many shoes- if there's anything you like, feel free to pm- happy to negotiate on most pairs.
18th January 2011 00:01
How did you get your pics like that? Not saying that there not yours but you should tag your pics, dope collection overall
18th January 2011 00:22
Nice Tiffs,Unkles And Wheat Highs
18th January 2011 01:10
nice jay collection and runner collection...............................
18th January 2011 01:48
the carmines in the back !! lOl great pic
18th January 2011 01:50
Nice collection dont forget to tag next time.
18th January 2011 03:07
very different taste from mine
sick am collection nonetheless
18th January 2011 03:13
great amount of variety in your collection... keep it up..
18th January 2011 03:45
nice collection!!
Never seen anyone with a bunch of footscapes. Nice
18th January 2011 04:33
confusing post but nice collection! The variety is nice especially the footscapes