Sea glow?

5th February 2012 20:03
How much does it cost? and will it work on completely yellowed jordans/foams?
6th February 2012 14:40
it will work somewhat the more you do it the more it will clear up but there will be a point where there is just too much damage to the ice and it wont get any clearer than that point you'll find out but i recommend it. used it on the cool grey spizikes before i did it on the cool grey 11's
6th February 2012 16:11'

everything you could ever want to know, just READ instead of starting a new thread
8th February 2012 00:23'
9th February 2012 01:20
13 oz bottles hmuu
9th February 2012 23:44
*12 oz
15th February 2012 18:06
depends on where you're located. if you're on the west coast, on hawaii, or in australia then you can buy it at TapPlastics. and you can get a 24oz for about $38. a 12oz for about 20$
21st February 2012 07:00
Sold at hardware stores?
3rd March 2012 01:54
try not to mess up the shoes doing that
26th March 2012 13:32
Sea glow is not the solution. They screw up the sole And cause sole separation. Of rather sole