17th December 2012 05:11
I am a mom that just found out that this account that belongs to a 15 year old ,my son....was scammed. He was contacted by a user JAYS4LIFE2345 through a private message to send $500 cash and 3 pairs of sneakers worth another $500 totaling $1000 for a swap of 3 pairs of sneakers so he could make money for xmas since I lost my job 3 months ago. This user contacted a minor and broker all of your rules and their is no mechanism to report this or prtect children on the internet from these predators.......never send cash..use exchange etc. etc. Tell that to a 15 year old. The user JAYS4LIFE2345 was supposed to ship the other 3 sets of sneakers so my son took the money out of my account. I just lost my job..it's xmas. I have the PMs, the text history and number. I am in NJ this user JAYS4LIFE2345 is in CA. I already alerted the police. I am so mad that this horrible person actually asked my son's age several times and was calling my him on his cell harassing him to send the cash. Creepy. I am trying to teach my son good internet etiquette and how to protect yourself....sending cash through the mail???? Where did I go wrong. Help what can I do. This site must have the email address for JAYS4LIFE2345 so I can go after this person and get my money back.