Restarting my collection

16th February 2012 03:14
I had a pretty big collection when i was like 15. Had a growth spurt uncommon in most females and jumped four shoe sizes. 5 years later i'm starting over. Only buying shoes that i really like this time. Finding two pair wearing one keeping the other DS.

new pickup

16th February 2012 03:55
16th February 2012 04:21
Not a bad re-start... Keep ot up
20th February 2012 22:31
starting out good with the metallic 5's, keep it up
21st February 2012 01:58
Not bad, liking the 5's and those 12's. I have the same ones. Keep it up
21st February 2012 19:56
Worse nightmare for ac collector
22nd February 2012 01:09
Keep it up. It's looking good so far.
22nd February 2012 10:09
Nice More Uptempos
22nd February 2012 14:49
Nice start so far! Let's see some more pick ups
23rd February 2012 09:36
Looks like you startin off right