Post your Restorations HERE Vol. 5

21st January 2013 08:46
I know I'm not the only here who gets that warm fuzzy feeling after a shoe has been restored.

No you are not. Now I just need to learn it so I can give myself that warm fuzzy feeling
22nd January 2013 00:13
Haven't posted in here in a while. Great work everyone

Something ive been working on for the past week or two. 5 two hour outdoor sessions with retrobrite.

23rd January 2013 00:37
Did a Repaint a few days ago, on a friend's Fire Red 3s.


23rd January 2013 01:17
Where can i restore my j's from? Can someone shoot me some links or phone numbers in the LA area. Please and thanks I got a couple pairs that need restoration.
24th January 2013 12:04
Adidas Superstar

25th January 2013 01:12
25th January 2013 01:12
Great restorations
25th January 2013 03:09
I only have before pics on my fire red's, but the metallics were in worse shape. BEFORE AFTER

Brought them back from the hit and run
25th January 2013 03:12
Here's a quick look of these 1998 Original black and red 13's taht I restored for a customer.

WoW! nice work
25th January 2013 04:30

I repainted these to look more like the 2000 olympic 6's The tape I used made the sole yellow. Im not mad since it looks more vintage

hahahahah i fuckz with you lol