Photography Contest Voting Thread: School

31st August 2011 02:32
Until i can access the archives, I'm going to keep this voting thread short and simple. The topic was School.

- Vote for the number you think best represents the topic.
- Do not vote for yourself.



31st August 2011 03:05
31st August 2011 06:07
#2 bc he has terrible hand writing lol. O.o
31st August 2011 06:51
#1 I like the framing and the subject matter best represents school imo.
31st August 2011 12:07
#2 WE can still relate to it.
31st August 2011 13:07
#2 for me, brings back too many memories, and its about to happen again real soon lol
31st August 2011 15:39
#1 for me.
31st August 2011 17:54
Two. It's all coming back.
31st August 2011 18:49
i like photos in the moment, not staged shots (looks like two black pens out, who does that? and the open laptop is so far away from actually being in reach to use. be real with your setup if youre gonna set it up), so #1
31st August 2011 19:08
2 cause im going to communtiy college most likely this oct and my work going to be just like that
op @ least open up a poll