Penny Hardaway Thread: All Penny shoes go here other than Foams

17th September 2006 23:06
This will be our Penny thread.
All topics concerning Penny must be posted here.
No flamming, selling, or any unrelated topics here.

anything about Foamposite 1, pls use
There was a thread a while back for Penny, but unfortuneatly it died. For all my Penny Heads, I am going to start a new one. I am a die hard Penny head. I don't collect Jordans. Matter of fact I don't even own a pair of Jordans. Enough of that here are my Penny's (still on the hunt for all I am missing)

17th September 2006 23:10
Wo thats alot of pennies^^^ good stuff
17th September 2006 23:15
Damn, nice collection. sad to say i dont own a single pair of pennies ops:
17th September 2006 23:20
Appreciate it
18th September 2006 02:20
nice pennies. i need the 2s
18th September 2006 02:38
iss needed a penny thread. i envy you for finalyl making one. when did the lil' penny's come out?
18th September 2006 03:08
the lil penny's came out around the time of the penny 2's and 3's
18th September 2006 03:41
Now that Penny Collection is definitely APPRECIATED!
Gotta love those harder to find colorways.

Here's my contribution. Haven't picked up any OG pairs in a long time, but continue to search for them.

18th September 2006 03:52
good look buddha
18th September 2006 05:42
very nice collection. I own 2 pairs of pennys but I dont want more because I prefer Zoom kicks to ball in.