24th January 2013 00:30
Nice grinches & carpe diem
24th January 2013 00:30
I picked these up for cheap. My first non Nike/JB in a long time.

24th January 2013 03:59
I finally receive my Wades.
How do they feel?
I haven't played in them yet. Just from trying them out, these are definitely comfortable, they are built well with premium materials. Support is good, real carbon fiber shank should be able to protect the arch. Cushioning is surprisingly soft, I thought it was going to be firm as my turningpoints 001, but I was wrong. The weight is average, these are not in the Kobe/Crazy Light category for sure. However, on feet, the weight is not felt that much. This is a great start by Wade and Li-ning. If only they were easier to get.

DAMN! Where'd you find Wade's?

They are bought in china. Yes, I know. Its hard to find.
24th January 2013 04:28
Nice pickups on the Kobes and Spacejams.
24th January 2013 05:59
mr arQ:
Over the past couple of months. Already wearing the Kobes and Brons out. The Red Carpets were a Christmas gift from my girl.

Nice pickups.

Dope Pennys

awesome pick ups very clean
24th January 2013 06:02

finally after 15 yrs

very clean
24th January 2013 17:43
Past few weeks pick-up

Decided to go back collecting foams

Something classic

Something to ball in

The sulfurs

24th January 2013 18:43
^ sell me those nerfs tho.

Kamikaze. by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr

Sean Kemp. by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr

Miami Nights by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr

Miami Night Lows. by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr

Blake Griffin Galaxies. by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr

Galaxy Hyperdunks. by Hi My Name Is Jay., on Flickr
24th January 2013 18:57

sickkkkk as usual
24th January 2013 18:59
@Drastic - Nice pick ups! Them Miami Nights and Blakes. Sell em to me lolz.