Osneaker.com & SneakerFather.com (Legit or Not??)

28th July 2012 06:36
I only know if Osneaker is legit and it is.. But both sites are still pricey -__-
20th August 2012 02:34
use this link u can get alot of legit websites and i ordered from some of them. Osneaker and sneakerfather are on this list

' http://sneakershoebox.com/legit-list/'
25th August 2012 19:38
Osneaker is the real deal
26th August 2012 19:02
I only use Wisekicks.com and Sneaker.st they seem to be the most legit
27th August 2012 23:01
Seem legit, but when osneaker is selling nikeid kds, that seems a bit strange. thats just me...
20th December 2012 22:21
Stay away from OSneaker, just spent a month of my life (emailing with no responses) the owner trying to get what I ordered prior to Christmas and ended up having to cancel my card through my bank to get my money back because he refused to send me the shoes or refund my money. Also any company that doesn't provide you name, address, or phone number screams SHEISTY.
21st December 2012 22:19
osneaker is a legit site because i ordered black cement 3's off of their and sneakerfather i think is legit to
24th December 2012 04:30
There legit websites
25th December 2012 04:25
ive ordered from osneaker before they are a legit site u can trust them and so is sneakerfather i heard but i have never ordered from them though
25th December 2012 04:25
both sites are legit but sneakerfather never has shoes to chose from