Osneaker.com & SneakerFather.com (Legit or Not??)

8th January 2012 21:33
I Need Someone To Vouch For These Sites "Legitness"
9th January 2012 02:42
^ osneaker.com ive never ordered from but i know about 5 people personally in real life that have and all 5 of them received there shipments from different countries lol. they are definitely shady i would say. they give you no tracking # when ordering. do not answer there emails from what im told. and i know 1 persons package came from china, 1 from hong kong, 1 from japan, and 2 from USA (different states). so theres def some funny shit goin on there......

sneakerfather i can say ive ordered from multiple times, and know the guy who runs that whole shit personally, and they are 100000000000000000000% legit !!!
any shoe ive bought from them was shipped out 24 hrs after sending payment, got GREAT deals (lower than what the advertised price was listed on the site) got a tracking # right away, they answer emails within 24 hrs, and alot of times send free t shirt with order. (its a wack shirt but hey its free lol can wear it to sleep or to the gym etc) and every pair ive ordered has always came completely pristine mint perfect condition.

PM me if you want a code to save 10$ if you decide to order from sneakerfather....

hope that helps........
17th January 2012 19:10
Every time I tried to order sneakerfather he has stock issues. Call him @ 718-210-7770 to check if he actually has his stuff on hand. This was last summer though so maybe he got his inventory proper now.

Edit: Giving dude another chance by ordering something. I can let you know once I either get shipping or rejected.
18th January 2012 20:09
ordered from osneaker when they first opened shop. Got my shoes no issues, but did seem weird, like he was going out to first get my kicks after i paid type of situation...
19th January 2012 21:31
osneaker always kinda tipped me off idk id stay away just for safety
4th February 2012 17:41
Sneakerfather is LEGIT. Ordered SB's from them.
3rd March 2012 05:15
I advise people as Buyer Beware on those sites. People always claim there are fakes. I just use them as references.
8th March 2012 14:24
Thanks trying to do research on a few too good to be true websites
8th March 2012 16:36
I've ordered from both, paid of lebrons from sneaker father and no issues. Shipping was a little long and osneaker overall is hit or miss with pricing but shoes on both super legit.
11th March 2012 14:57
Osneaker is legit order from there all the time and sneakerfather never has shoes in