Original Reebok High-Top Models From '86 w/Pics & Video

9th July 2011 00:59
This is purely an informational/reference thread (though if you have any questions or memories or photos to share, I'm interested!). Some people are as familiar with these, if not much more so, than I am. This is for those who want to know, but don't. This is also for anyone who has more models to show us all, or who just want to show off their Reebok hi tops from this mid-to-late 80's era.

When people talk about those old-school men's Reebok high tops from before the Pump era, what they're usually talking about is the BB series that became available starting in 1986. There was the BB4600 (most popular), the BB5600 (sometimes seen on pro basketball courts), and the BB6600 (most expensive and uncommon).

Here are some photos of the original BB4600:

And the original BB5600:

And the original BB6600:

Those were the Original Three, so to speak. Later in the 80's, though, Reebok released a few more models with the same general look, and only slight modifications. Some examples of these are:

The BB4600II:

The BB5000:

And the BB5900:

There were probably more, but these are the ones I'm familiar with that used that same general silhouette, with the exception of the BB7600 (or "Alien Stomper"), but those are a whole different class of shoe altogether, as they were fashioned after the shoes Ripley wore in the original Alien movies. Here's a stitch-by-stitch color-by-color rerelease of the '86 shoe that was released last year as part of Reebok's 25th anniversary celebration:

The BB7600:

The BB7600 wasn't the only Reebok rereleased this past year. Reebok has been slowly rereleasing the BB4600, BB5600, and BB6600 models as well, although only the BB6600 model has been rereleased in the original white/blue and white/red colorways. The rest have all been new colorways inspired by the originals.

And finally, I made a YouTube video a week ago showing examples of the rereleases of the Three Originals which can be viewed here:

And that about covers it! If you made it this far, then hello to another fellow Reebok high-top fan, and I hope that some of this helped someone out there somewhere!
9th July 2011 02:06

Now I know the name.

Great thread.

6600 is a great looking kick, still want a pair eventually.
9th July 2011 02:17
Oh wow, you have a pair! They're fantastic. I don't know what year they came out, but I do remember having my own pair when I was younger. They were the white base color, with black stripes on the sides, and then the two puffy rolls on the back were both black and yellow. They looked like bumble bees. They were my favorite pair of shoes as a kid.

The BB6600 rereleases are the only ones that are total, exact repros of those classic colorways we remember. Here are two stock photos from Reebok so you can see. The only difference is the stitching along the circumference of the sole. If you look at the original red BB6600s in my post above, the stitching is white. In the rereleases, the stitching matches the colorway:



If I could pick any exact repro to come next, it'd be the original white/grey, white/navy, or white/green BB4600 colorways. Classic as classic can be.
9th July 2011 14:39
Absolute classic!
16th July 2011 02:49
I figure that this thread is the best place to put this.

I have two pairs of treasured Reebok BB4600s in the original, light-grey-on-white colorway. Maybe some of you experts could help me out with these.

The first pair is gently used, in a size 9, and I can verify with absolute certainty that they are from the original production run of this model from 1986. The second pair is unworn new-old-stock in a size 11, fresh and fresh can be, and I just received them today in the mail. They're even in their original box, or so I thought. The thing that confuses me is that the box has a copyright date on it of 1999, and there are very slight differences between the size 11 and the size 9.

The first difference is that the Reebok logo on the side of the shoe and the back of the shoe does not have the (R) symbol above the Reebok name, whereas there is an (R) symbol on the 1986-verified size 9 pair. When I do a Google Image search for vintage BB4600 sneakers, every single one of them has the (R) symbol. Second difference: the ID tags on the inside. The 1986-verified size 9 pair says "RB 007 RII 4-411" and the size 11 pair says "RB 211 RII 4-411."

I tried looking around online but couldn't find any information. It'd make sense if the new pair I got were rereleases from 1999, except that I was always under the impression that the original BB4600 model was never rereleased. Am I wrong? Does anyone have any input for me?

I put together the following to kind of show the minor but certain differences:

You can view a much larger version of that image here. Thanks for any help you could provide!
16th July 2011 05:57
the overal design of the shoe is exremy ugly in my opinon yo if its not a pump i dont mess with reeboks
17th July 2011 18:26
FYI: The size 9 BB 4600s are now on eBay (listing #290588454625).
19th July 2012 05:53
Very cool thread!
19th July 2012 05:59
I have 4 pairs of these. Two have the Athletes logo inside the tongue and are from the very early days. The other two are like the ones you posted, they seem to be of a later release. I still havent found any kind of timeline for these, but they are all legit!
1st August 2012 20:37
im killinem