Official : iPhone Thread Vol. IX iPhone 6

7th February 2013 03:56
Not sure why this thread died. Anyway, an ios6 jailbreak came out and I was wondering what apps you guys would recommend downloading after jailbreaking?

I was on the search myself because most of the JB tweaks were not compatible with the new iOS6 on the iPhone5. So here's my list and what I have so far:

AndroidLock XT:Android Lock for your iPhone lock screen.
Auxo:Basically a sweet new app switcher with many toggles to toggled on wifi, bluetooth, airplane and all the good stuff. Also has a flashlight toggle.
Iconoclasm:Changes your icon layout.
Lockscreen Clock Hide:Hides the big ass clock on the lock screen.
NoNewsIsGoodNews:No Newsstand. Hated that app.
SBS Settings:Quick swipe at the top and it'll bring a menu down to toggle features.
SMS Timestamps:You'll notice the iPhones doesn't have timestamps for every single texts in Messages but this tweak allows you to see ever timestamp whenever you send/receive.
Springtomize 2:Unlimited possibilities in changing your iPhone form layouts, functions to other small tweaks to make the iPhone better like disabling notification center.
Zeppelin:Change your carrier name to the following choices on the app.

How my iPhone looks right now and showing you some of the features:

7th February 2013 13:52
can someone refer me to some good workout apps other than the nike training club cause that is not challenging to me at all
7th February 2013 19:03
Here's what mine looks like right now

8th February 2013 16:39
Iphone 5
11th February 2013 09:49
My lockscreen

21st February 2013 20:17
Hey i was wondering if anyone can help. I just recently jailbroke my iphone 5 with evasi0n. Everything is working ok except my push notifications. I no longer get them (like twitter mentions and score updates from my espn score center app). Does anyone know why this is happening? Everything is set to on in my settings. Any help is appreciated. My iphone version is 6.1
24th February 2013 17:33
OP should update
ios 6 jailbreak is out
25th February 2013 20:47
anyone know when the iphone 5S is coming out?
26th February 2013 00:17
Finally had the time to jb my 5

I'm not sure if we can discuss about cydia in here but can anyone lead me to which sources/packages to download.
9th May 2013 21:15
Can anyone give me advice? I have a 32 gb iPhone 4 and I've been eligible for an home button stopped working but I used the "assistive touch" to make it work. Now, my power button doesn't work.should I get it fixed? Should I use another iPhone 4 since my mom has an iPhone 5? Should I buy a galaxy note or galaxy s 3 from RadioShack or Walmart respectively.thanks for any help