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28th October 2011 19:30

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Jailbreaking: the use of Cydia to install 3rd party apps that Apple restricts
Unlocking: the use of unlocking an iPhone to work on a different carrier that does not sell the iPhone

iPhone 4S Jailbreak (5.0 & 5.0.1)
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iPhone 4 Jailbreak (5.0.1)
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If your iPhone is not listed here for a jailbreak, use this wizard to check your jailbreak availability

iPhone unlock wizard ,to find out if your iPhone can be unlocked using software

Where to download iOS 5 for a restore/jailbreak?
Link for iOS firmwares


Jailbreak Info

Please, DO NOT discuss; "cracked apps" , "free paid apps" , installous or any other sorts of piracy, it is against our Rules and Regulations. Google is your best bet for all of that information, nothing should be posted in this thread asking for any of this.

100 Jailbreak Tweaks You Should Know About
Must read

Fake Operator - Change Carrier name
sbssettings - Notification center control of iphone
face break - FaceTime over 3G
TetherMe - enables Wi-Fi hotspot
Winterboard - Change your theme, battery, keyboard, sliders, springboard
SbSettings - Turn of edge, wifi, 3g, hide icon
OpenSSH - allows you to access iphone files from your comp
iBlacklist - disregard calls.. etc.


What are some of the best cases out?
Full protection:

Otterbox Defender, one if not the best cases I own, it offers great protection. Can be found as cheap as $22 on Amazon. A screen protector can be used, but is not needed since the case already has one.Fits 4S, 4, 3GS.


Any snap on cases or fitted case that covers the sides, and back; usually has the full screen unprotected. Incase, Griffin (pictured), and Incipio all have these products, usually can be found for $15-$20. Fits 4S, 4, 3GS. A screen protector would be ideal to go with the matchup to protect your screen.


Apple Bumper. Covers on the sides and offers little protection for a high price. I used one, it did as it advertised. Fits 4S, 4. A screen protector and a back glass protector would be ideal for this to save you from future scratches or cracks in the glass if a drop would happen.

28th October 2011 19:38
First hahaha.... me and david iMessaged and i promised id be first lol...
Nice thread sir!
28th October 2011 20:35
Looks good man. Hopefully people actually read the first post (there's no excuse now) so we don't have to hear the same question asked a million times.
28th October 2011 20:53
Only thing I hate about my 4S is that they lowered the mute switch. None of my cases work anymore!!
28th October 2011 21:02
Quick question. The supposed use of Siri on the iPhone4 will that require a Jailbreak? Thanks

28th October 2011 21:37
ive heard yes and ive also heard no... some of the videos of siri on the 4 are non JB i think
28th October 2011 21:54
K thanks sneaks
28th October 2011 21:56
NP sir... if i had to take a guess tho... im 3/4 possitive you will have to JB to get siri on the 4. its there... only problem is i believe its not connecting to apples servers. Thats the only hold up
28th October 2011 22:05
If you can't use Siri on the 4 when the untethered jailbreak is released , then imma upgrade
28th October 2011 22:24
Does anyone here know how scanners operate? For example, I've walked through countless times without my iPhone 4 being picked up but just recently, it got caught. Perhaps the metal detectors can increase sensitivity or something? I don't know what it is and it isn't that big of a deal, but is there a way to circumvent the system? Ways to prevent a phone from being seen or detected?