Official: What's On Your Feet Today? December 2012

2nd December 2012 16:20
Starting a new thread for December. You all know the drill...

Blueberries for me yesterday and today

2nd December 2012 17:40
Today ...
2nd December 2012 17:51
Lunars for some cardio

2nd December 2012 19:02
Killers PJ

/// ??? today

2nd December 2012 20:32
Dre those are fucking sick! I need more /// in my life
PJ great pair, the colors on those are awesome
Swoosh, thanks for starting the new thread and nice blueberries
Dtyner, those lunars are one of my favorite workout shoes, lovely.

2nd December 2012 21:40

2nd December 2012 23:11
had these on today

2nd December 2012 23:21
Brazils are one of my all-time fav AM1, nice pair Aneks. Lemon those fuse 90's are really growing on me. I'm afraid I missed the boat on those infas however. And dre, what are those....very nice.
3rd December 2012 00:30
Livestrong air max 90, love this shoe.
3rd December 2012 01:23
Free Runs, need some comfort..