Official - WJDYWT - Jordan Edition 2012

1st January 2012 08:57
Title says it all

OFFICIAL: WDYWT - Jordan Edition

Let's go Folks!

Simple rules: No Flamming, Respect each other, and No Post Whoring!
**When posting, you MUST post pics!**
let's try and bring some excitement back into the Jordan Forum!

Here's the old thread
1st January 2012 08:58
New year, new thread!..let's start off fresh!
1st January 2012 09:01
Happy New Years to you all.

1st January 2012 09:12
^^^ nice way to start off homie
1st January 2012 10:42
Week leading up to New years, including a trip to Jordan Brand on Nike Campus.

Retros. Taxi laces experiment...makes the TWO3 pop.

First Nikes I ever owned were a GS CW of these in 1988. Finally got me a pair for the first time in 23 years. Revolution Retros

Back to J's, the pair that triggered my current obsession in late 2010 to grab all my desired Jordans, one by one.

OG Black toes to tour Jordan building on campus for the first time Friday. The Kid in the background on my way out.

Cool to hold this EI3 while I was there...

Today to get the ears lowered in the AM: True Red Retros

Changed to bring in 2012 in my first Jordans ever owned, these Team IIs since '98. Randomly saw Jerome Kersey at Olive Garden before midnight, kinda cool.

These are so damn comfortable.

1st January 2012 13:59
New Year Dinner

1st January 2012 14:45
can someone tell me how to submit an image??im lost,pm me please
1st January 2012 15:29
1st January 2012 16:47
Low taxis again!
1st January 2012 16:48
decided not to resell these and UnDS's em. Couldnt resist. Traded my 00 pair for some 09 jams and 80. Glad I have these and decided to keep em.