Official: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

16th November 2012 02:38
Who's a good anchor for Chris/Spencer? I'm really trying to learn this team lol
16th November 2012 04:49
Yipes just got a stream now guys. Try to tune in and support him.


Eljay, try Hawkeye.
16th November 2012 05:54
I suck ass with hawkeye anchor though. I'll try it out but I'm testing out haggar with this team.
Is there any tips to know about Chris? I can already do a combo that builds 2 bars and does about 840k
17th November 2012 03:50
spar it up today eljay
17th November 2012 06:21
my bad aaron I was in a serious ass match lol
17th November 2012 18:03
My bad breh, I was busy at work all day/night yesterday. I'll be on tonight though, I gotta week vacation starting today haha
17th November 2012 20:33
I won't be on tonight lol. Gonna be drunk out my mind today lol
17th November 2012 21:03
i played killasouljah yesterday and he used the nova spencer strange team. Gawd I hate strange's assist
17th November 2012 21:56
Lolol just blocked it both times, and jump to make sure you don't get caught by nova mixups.

I'm so mad I wasn't able to go to hadocon because I have work. Most of the dudes we play went to hadocon
20th November 2012 01:16
anyone wanna help me get American netflix lol?

The Canadian one is so garbage I hate it