Official: ***Stefan Janoski SB Thread***- NIKE ID available now

6th December 2012 07:21
:O printed janoski in the top left ?
undftd janoskis ?!
those velcros are fire too
6th December 2012 17:48
Not impressed with any of the upcoming releases I miss the old colorways now they all look like something you'd def see in Zumiez with those bright colors. That perforated pair looks interesting though.
6th December 2012 21:02

I'm really digging the Floral, Olive/Black/Orange and the last blue one with a brown sole. I see that the straps will make a come back in what looks like canvas?
6th December 2012 23:15

if you look real close you can see the florral print janoski
seems that they are black/white
6th December 2012 23:24
hey havent been in this thread in a while... why havent the port wine lows released yet? Thought it was a november release

7th December 2012 00:00
Yet still no fucking volt janoskis.
7th December 2012 01:24
Ugh sure those are the floral janoskis? Was actually looking forward to them when they were colored. hopefully they'll release both?
7th December 2012 01:42
florals looks so much nicer b/w
7th December 2012 05:36

Can save money at last!!!!!!!!!!
7th December 2012 11:08
The port wines are on ccs but their pictures look so different from every other picture of the shoe, plus the price isn't the usual price for a premium. It should still be good right?