OFFICIAL: Nike Air Yeezy I & II // adidas Yeezy Boost Thread

25th December 2008 05:12
Yeezy Boost 950
Pirate Black

Yeezy Boost 750

Yeezy Boost 350
Turtle Dove
Pirate Black
Oxford Tan" border="0" alt="" />

[quote:e5af1936e0]05/02/2009 Nike Air Yeezy (limited release)
366164-003 Black/Black


[quote:e5af1936e0]06/06/2009 Nike Air Yeezy (limited release)
366164-111 Net/Net


[quote:e5af1936e0="Kanye West:
I’m gonna start releasing some of the pieces online starting in January. The jacket from the AMA’s, the Warrior hood that I wore at the Dior show and this one here. I actually designed this one and the jacket from the AMA’s less than 3 weeks ago! I’m really happy with them! Sidebar: The Louis Sneakers are coming out REEEEETARDED and the Yeezy’s drop in march. Sorry for the wait. I swear to you guys all I do is work on design when I get off stage. I want to and will be the real thing. I will not just be a “celebrity designer.” Shit has to be good!!! Another shout out to the Kids from the lines Public School and Sandinista, my personal 2 favorites this month , you got busy! Today is a great day, I’m in Amsterdam at a really dope hotel overlooking the river. I got some sleep on the plane so I should have my voice back a bit better. Whoever saw the promo I was doing this week could tell I was beat and my voice was dead but I still had to get up there and do my job. All the controversy aside, life is great. I’ve already started conceptualizing a tour idea for next summer. I want to do it in the round (perform in the middle of the arena). Ok, gotta bounce, more press to do.

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25th December 2008 05:32
Black &Glow cw and the Grey & Glow color way is :cool:
25th December 2008 17:59
i likw the tan yeezy those are ill
25th December 2008 18:22
Hopefully thats not the black/black pair because i'm not too sure about that neon green, and hopefully he won't charge too much for em
26th December 2008 05:57
26th December 2008 06:06
no doubt these will sell out quick when they release
26th December 2008 06:22
hopefully the grammy pairs are staying the same
26th December 2008 06:22
loving the many cw's and looks like the material is on point but the shoe itself is weak.
26th December 2008 06:32
these sneaker are really soooo bad, i dont see what people will like in it. oh well more power to kanye for getting nike to do something like this for him...
26th December 2008 06:39
this is why sneakers are made by design profesionals and not musians biting off of their 3-4 favorite models made by actual talented artists..

i mean if tinker makes a hiphop cd, ru paying it any attention?