Official NCAA Football 2012 Season Thread

28th November 2012 06:10
Arkansas offers les miles $27M over 5 years? Wow that's a big time crazy offer. I think it would help Arkansas on d, and not really hurt lsu that bad, he's a clown and stays making bad decisions in big games
1st December 2012 04:20
Stanford d needs to hold up here!
1st December 2012 21:58
Another sec snooze fest, shocking. Must be cuz the defenses are so amazing #secmyth
1st December 2012 22:13
Great snag there
1st December 2012 23:43
Smh at this dipshit on UGA getting that penalty when you've got bama reeling. What an idiot
1st December 2012 23:49
Bama still probably wins by 14. Good job Georgia lol
1st December 2012 23:59
Georgia completely done. Buch of clowns lol
2nd December 2012 00:10
Crazy any other team would be throwing the ball like crazy when coming from behind, not Bama they just run the ball down your throat, good old fasshion football.

.....Defense is giving upp some big passes though.
2nd December 2012 00:15
"Great defenses" wearing down, here come the points
2nd December 2012 00:23
Well Andy Murray, you wanna be a legit qb, take your team on a long drive and end this game. If not, bama wins another title