Official Mall Walker Mafia Thread - M dub M

23rd January 2013 23:53
I can stand heat and humidity but no cold homies.

Even my dog hates going out to pee! lol
24th January 2013 00:17
guys and gals who live where it snows - cold here is around 64-65 there -___-

tropical weather all the way

cal - same kids who react when they see monta and gilbert wearing space jams in games hehehe
24th January 2013 00:29
Oh yeah, for u guys, i guess its a different story... But Ive seen people in the Phillippines wearing Timbs and bubblegoose jackets just cuz it was hiphop....0_o... That was the 90s, tho...

I'll listen to some Top Tone and St Paul Slim in honor of the MN warriors... And some Drake for the Canadian soldiers fighting the Kiddin with the Drake stuff... Toronto got a great rap scene...

ANd yeah a lot of people seems to think, u shouldnt wear sneakers in the snow... People are weird... tell 'em YOLO!;)
24th January 2013 13:57
morning old bags
24th January 2013 14:38
Good morning

24th January 2013 14:43
24th January 2013 15:25
sup folks?!! We're at the teens, but its not too bad as long as you stay in. I only start to worry when my "check tires" icon lights up coz of the cold, or when the car won't start, as long as those 2 don;t happen its not too bad.

Hope everyone's doing good. So whats on people's must pick up this weekend? Im just hoping for the Kobe's and thats it.

MapleChris - awesome pic! Kamikaze's looking good!! that pic of Coco drooling is soo cute

Darryl - its been fast, lil Sophie's already 2 months WOW!!!

V - lol that pic is so true. We had 44 degree weather here last week and everyone was walking in shorts. And I know what you mean on Baby clothes, I told my mom and sisters to stop buying for now, they have 3 of those plastic tub filled with clothes and baby stuff. They always tell me though that there will be more babies in the future so it can be passed on down lol. I havta stop myself, my wife told me to stop buying as well, its tough to resist. Now whenever we go to the mall or target, the first place I got to is the infant section or baby stores (FL, FA and Nike outlet gets passed on completely somtimes lol).

Cal - must be crazy in Minny right now. I got a couple of friends that moved there and they were telling us to shut up coz our cold (in the teens) is nothing like the cold you guys got there.

Urriah - its crazy, but the last time I went back to the Philippines ('06) it was so much hotter than when I left it in '99. I went during the summer and I just got outta the shower and I was sweating already lol. But I do miss family and friends, hopefully be back there soon.

Hope everyone else is keeping warm and having a good day
24th January 2013 17:06
Morning oldies, Martin, nice pic to start the day!!

Mark, this must be your car if it tells you not to drive it in bad conditions:

I saw the pics of the Hoyas Jordan 1s and I like em but I'm scared that the quality is gonna be the shtz and the leather will crease like paper.

OMFG, I just saw these ...

24th January 2013 17:23

Tony - I wanna hear the track!! Is it a brand new one or is it a one from the last album getting the video treatment?

brand new!
24th January 2013 17:31
Haaa that reebok knobbler is hilarious....though I probably would rock it just for phuckks sake....

Damn I am going have to take some ginko to refresh my memory with everyone's first name or make a cheat sheet...its been a while.....

There was literally a DUSTING of snow and we had a half day of school here in MD, inside the beltway though ;)

Ill take the half day though ;)