Official Feedback Thread: Website / MP / ALL

9th August 2011 06:53
All - as you can see you are on a totally new and re-designed There are a ton of new features. There are also some features that work differently than past ones.

Please give us your feedback here. We know the new site will take some getting used and we also know we will need to make some changes as the days roll on!

We will have a list of changed / new features posted soon as there are a ton.

Remember guys, we are still building and changing items, the site is built for all the latest browsers out there right now, and we will look at your feedback and implement any fixes needed.
9th August 2011 09:39
it looks sort of modern but im pretty sure a lot of members still prefer the simplicity of the old look.

Like you said, it take some time getting used to but hope this is a change for the better.
As of right now, i like the responsiveness of the mp but it doesn't allow me to sort the prices from low to high (or im doing something wrong). The option to "show photos" in a post is a nice touch. I see a few glitches but pretty sure it will be taken care of in a matter of time.

hopefully no more sport ads
9th August 2011 09:41
i'm kind of digging this new modern look on iss.

we'll see from here..
9th August 2011 09:43
marketplace is a lot lot easier!
9th August 2011 09:57
I'm feeling the new look, very clean.
9th August 2011 09:57
Really like the new look and everything seems much easier to use.
Great Job!!!
9th August 2011 09:58
Pretty dope. I like it. The messaging interface is cool.
9th August 2011 10:02
The actual forum pages seem to have been squeezed into a much smaller space by the proliferation of ads. Coupled with the new bright white background, I find this quite distracting when trying to view the actual forum content.

The messaging system does look a lot better though.
9th August 2011 10:03
i prefer the old look.


there are still bugs in the basketball forum

some of the latest threads are missing.

and some of the old threads are back again.
9th August 2011 10:04
good work. much appreciated!