Official : EAR/HEADphone Thread

16th January 2013 04:37
^ hrm I've heard different reviews about them. LOL

Anyone want to take my studios? I have no need for them so just selling. Still in SHRINK WRAP.

Must be my phone, like I said the music quality did sound ALOT better on my photon
16th January 2013 08:46
Anyone have these new overears from monster? I think they're called DNA's?
17th January 2013 00:33
Dont have but know what you're talking about. Since the company split and HTC bought off Beat by Dre, Monster created them. I heard that they're pretty light compared to Beats by Dre and dont even use batteries so I guess thats a thumbs up.
17th January 2013 00:53
I've had the Shure SRH440's for almost a year now. They were a lot cheaper than the Beats that I had before, but I must say they're definitely not as comfortable as the Beats. After about an hour or two of using them, I noticed the top of my head would hurt for some reason... But for around $80, the sound quality was very good.
17th January 2013 06:29
that happens when too much hardware is used. It slowly presses on your head then after a while your head hurts. Happens to a lot of us LOL
20th January 2013 04:04
I just bought me and my wife both the beats studio, when they first released I was really opposed to them due to the price tag, but the audio is so clean in them I had to give in.
21st January 2013 05:28
^ Right? They're pretty good I dont know why people hate them so much.
Haters gonna hate LOL
23rd January 2013 02:44
I wouldn't say they sound bad, but you could get something better at that price range
23rd January 2013 23:14
Woooooooooo I got free unopened tours from monster for my warranty
24th January 2013 05:05
Woooooooooo I got free unopened tours from monster for my warranty

thats dope. Wait didn't the tours get water damaged?

Mikey yeah i know what you mean