Official Doernbecher 9 Thread: No Buying/Selling/Trading = Ban

10th August 2012 15:13
Via Modern Notoriety:

It was just a few hours ago when Modern Notoriety shared news about the Air Jordan 5 ‘Doernbecher’ but just a few minutes ago, we were informed that the Air Jordan 9 will be the retro of choice for this years DB freestyle collection. The Air Jordan 5 that was previously seen, is a new colorway in the retro 5 series that we’ll be seeing later in the year. Stay tuned for more news as it develops. Via DCC

Untitled by Freshsince83, on Flickr

10th August 2012 15:18
What other 5 that was seen?
10th August 2012 15:22
What other 5 that was seen?

The elephant print rendering.
10th August 2012 15:28
I only have the DB 6s, mainly cause that's the only colorway that isn't to loud..

The Kilroys could almost pass as a DB ,just add some laser etching and there it goes..
10th August 2012 21:11
good to hear something on the DB for this year.. loved the last two years cant wait to see a design for this year as well.
10th August 2012 21:31
Pass. Never owned a pair of 9's and never will.
10th August 2012 21:32
yah i never will either
10th August 2012 22:04
so whats the deal with them circus 5s than?
11th August 2012 02:09
i got to see what they look like to see will i cop
11th August 2012 02:11
i was kinda bummed when i heard that it wasnt gonna be a 5. not really interested now that its gonna be a 9. oh well, one less purchase to stress over this year