Official: Allen Iverson Reebok shoe thread

25th April 2007 21:46
Ok Allen Iverson fans....this thread is for you . Post up any news/info on upcoming Reeboks for A.I. or if you have any questions on older models.

got a news from my friend YeWa ( admin) who just visited Reebok CN office....Reebok told him there will not have any "Answer XIV" releasing.

so "I3" end in "13"
26th April 2007 03:02
Will Reebok release anymore colorways of the Answer X's? I personally like the black and yellow playoff kickz
26th April 2007 05:09
plz redesign the whole Answer XI! SOOOO dissapointed
27th April 2007 18:36
So I bought a pair of Questions (Low top; White w/red toes) and they have the McDonald's All-American Logo (Louisville) on the back for the 30th anniversary of the game...also, on the sole, that you can see through the clear sole.

So I was just wondering if anybody else has seen these or have them. Sorry I don't have a camera, and I can't find any pics of them online...also, are they rare???

28th April 2007 21:24
I like the idea for this post. I personally have been grabbin iverson's since they came out. I was wondering what everone's favorite was. Personally I think there is no topping the Answer 1's. They are crazy comfortable.
30th April 2007 15:47

30th April 2007 20:15
Nice Q's i wish they were mids tho
30th April 2007 20:52
me 2

Your post is too short
1st May 2007 04:31
Yup! those are it...I can't believe there hasn't been that much talk about these! I love'em personally and I actually play in them too...I figured if Gilbert Arenas could play in low tops, so could I.

btw, they are very very comfortable and the leather on the shoe is very high quality...tons better than what other shoe companies are producing now days (ie: Jordan...wink-wink)...they have stayed true to their original quality in 1996

P.S...Thanks Rick Ross for the pics
1st May 2007 04:52
Great thread idea, and great questions in the pics above. Fiyah!

A few questions for y'all in here...

1) Didn't the sueded toe Questions come before the "pearlized" ones? I'm pretty sure they did, just want clarification.

2) The 10th anniversary Questions, were those the suede toe or the pearlized ones (only came out in red, right?)

3) And lastly...where oh where can I find the Denver colorway questions (white and carolina blue with yellow stitching)? Anyone in here know? I saw that they were on eBay awhile ago, but haven't seen them lately. Even on Google searches.

Thanks in advance for your help.