OFFICIAL: Vintage Nike thread (no Jordans) Vol. 3

11th December 2012 05:56
no shit hey? shit is awful lmao.

god tho suc ha good looking OG...

my favourite colourways.. fuuuck I still want a pair! Will Smith rocked these in a BBall game in Fresh Prince lol
12th December 2012 01:20
That last thread was amazing but we gotta' start a new one! I see we have some new guys in here who carry some of that vintage nike heat.....join in on this one and HAVE FUN!

Stay true.....Stay Vintage! 8)


1. No Air Jordans
2. No fighting
3. No selling/soliciting shoes
4. Only post shoes from 1970's through 2001

12th December 2012 01:21
Definately no Jordans, im looking for Cortez!!
13th December 2012 05:22
I'm done.

Revive killed it again.

Looks like he modded the midsole to make it look like it has a bigger air unit... maybe he swapped it out? Big ups for the effort. I'm green with envy haha.
14th December 2012 00:15
God damn.

I'm waiting for my retro pair to come. should be any day now...

Wish I had some more money I would buy a second pair n send them directly to Revive.
14th December 2012 01:47
I've totally been scoring ebay for a size 11 to send to Revive. FUARK MAN
15th December 2012 00:37
Just got my retro emrald 180's.

Sure is a nice shoe and love the fact they look pretty dope on the foot. But damn it's pretty different compared to the OG.

If I finally find a stable job I will have to get another pair for Revive to do his magic. I really want a pair of Air Force V's restored with the same sole too as they are pretty similar.
15th December 2012 12:43

what are the best nike vintage to use everyday street wear style?
14th January 2013 03:58
It's been a while!
More command forces on the way, I'm waiting on this mail man to pop up some time soon..Enjoy!

16th January 2013 12:46
I have my Wheat Highs and Takashis. post pics soon