OFFICIAL Team Kicksologist Chat Thread!

26th July 2011 19:52
Team Kicksologist

Why we are here as a group:
To provide and help the sneaker community with a more indepth review of the hottest & latest shoes. Anything from OGs to Retros. We are mature folks that have a great sense of knowledge about different varieties of brands from Adidas, Air Max, Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, etc... We have one goal & that is to help one another, gain knowledge and keep moving on
Each member of this team is here to help & make a positive impact for the sneaker culture. We give our best insight and opinion on those who are struggling around the forums and direct them to the right path.

The Family

#1 nikeSBcollectorr - "Group Mod/ Tony"
#3 d-zeLL - "Chuck"
#4 We Are Ninja - "Jon"
#5 OBLebran - "Oli/Lebran"
#6 bradellacott - "Brad"
#7 duke4005 - "Bryan"
#8 boyjordan - "Jesus"
#9 gdiemaster - "Jefferson"
#10 Nene33 - "Nene"
#11 cube23 - "Darryl
#12 TheSurgeon - "Jesse"
#13 faded8119 - "Mark"
#14 STORM RYDER - "Winston"
#15 dre_23 - "Dre"

If you need help please check into our thread & check the Kicksology section of the forums!

Recruitment: Closed

Team Kicksologist chat is free to everyone
26th July 2011 20:02
Welcome home guys...
26th July 2011 20:09
Woo! Nice one Tony!
26th July 2011 20:12
Nice, indeed. You and Chris have been quite busy.
26th July 2011 20:14
Yo T... Check your PM bruh...
26th July 2011 20:16
Fine work Tony.
26th July 2011 20:28
Thanks a bunch fam

What's good w/ everybody
26th July 2011 20:42
Isn't this like virtually the same thing?''
26th July 2011 20:49

26th July 2011 20:58

Two different things

This is a chat thread where we can talk about ANYTHING. That is for members to ask us stuff about sneakers and that need a review or an opinion

Technically you can say it's quite the same but hey, we want that part of the section to get recognition that it needs