21st September 2008 07:26
Please post ALL your Nike Retro-related pickups in this thread.
21st September 2008 22:43
Kinda reposting, but forgot to attach the laced pics ...

21st September 2008 22:52
iuno what those red kicks are but they are clean.
21st September 2008 22:56
hey a retro pickup post
22nd September 2008 00:27
are those like "low"' blazers?
22nd September 2008 06:46
my first pair of 6.0s
Not bad for $10.69 after tax. I love Nike Outlets

22nd September 2008 14:16
iuno what those red kicks are but they are clean.


are those like "low"' blazers?

Those are Bruins from the year of '94!

Nice steal Black Ice116!
22nd September 2008 14:47
thanks man, nice bruins
23rd September 2008 00:57
Just thought I like to share

23rd September 2008 03:12
This has been a good month so far, I picked up some Flight 89's at Marshall's for only $35.

Here they are with my Navy 2002 retroes.

Oh yeah, the red/white Bruins up there are serious, I'm digging those.