25th February 2013 14:47
Nice shots last page, nice job everyone
25th February 2013 15:19

45.52 by N. Maung, on Flickr

25th February 2013 18:37

Untitled by A_Seng, on Flickr

Untitled by A_Seng, on Flickr

ojos. by A_Seng, on Flickr
25th February 2013 20:59
^3rd pics looks nice... those eyes. Cool shot ntmain, reminds me of Inception.

g0dsg1ft - Where did you live/visit in Italy? I'm enjoying my stay here in Sicily so far.

Piazza Venezia

26th February 2013 02:22
56/365 Lenox Lounge

365 PROJECT DAY 56 by Denn-Ice, on Flickr

14th Street by Denn-Ice, on Flickr
26th February 2013 03:18
The frames came in the mail today! Put them on the wall right away.

They look great! Now to get some of my other pictures printed! YUUUUP!

Frames came in the mail! Looks great! by Anthony C., on Flickr
26th February 2013 03:21
26th February 2013 03:22

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27th February 2013 01:42
57/365 Gentrification in Harlem

365 PROJECT DAY 57 by Denn-Ice, on Flickr

Harlem Boys by Denn-Ice, on Flickr
27th February 2013 02:38

Red Bull by Benssick.