19th November 2012 05:12
Ever since Brown was fired, we've looked so different offensively. There really isn't any reason why we shouldn't be averaging at least 110-115ppg.
19th November 2012 05:46
Lakers putting up points lately. So happy the Lakers got rid of Mike Brown 5 games into the season rather than waiting it out. We looked awful when Mike Brown was running things. This team should drop 100 in their sleep. Best part about all this, we doing it without Steve Nash.

In other news,

Bynum Admits New Injury Occurred During Bowling

Andrew Bynum admitted on Sunday that he may have sustained a left knee injury while bowling.

“It’s the same exact injury, mirror images of the knee; I think it happened bowling, to be honest,” Bynum said.

Bynum contends that he did not suffer any trauma to the knee.

“I didn’t twist it, didn’t fall – nothing,” Bynum said. “It’s weird because I was doing low-impact training and squatting and then I go out and hurt myself like this. It’s very frustrating."


Just WOW. Good luck 76ers.
19th November 2012 08:57
tonight messed around and got a tripple double!

winning, and having fun on the court. now thats what i like to see

Today was a good day..
19th November 2012 16:28
yesterday was quality win

gj lakers
19th November 2012 17:04
Just WOW. Good luck 76ers.

Good luck indeed lol. Drew doesn't give a single fuck.
19th November 2012 17:52
Not celebrating until we beat a CONTENDER using D'Antoni's style. Everyone keeps talking about FUN & POINTS when neither of those win championships. I also heard him say that the "post up" is the most inefficient play in basketball smmfh. So Kareem, Timmy, Hakeem, Shaq, and any other HOF big who dominating the block were doing it the wrong way smh. Ppl will say anything and ppl will just eat it up.
19th November 2012 22:07
Fun and points won 5 titles in the 80's. So fun and points have won championships. Just
20th November 2012 19:11
Dan Tony D'Antoni will be on the sidelines.. How can we lose
21st November 2012 05:39
Once Steve Nash come back we will be able to see the full potential of that magic mike offense... remember how him and amare gave the lakers hell those years wit that pick and roll dont sleep on what we gone do wit either nash and gasol or howard... will be a sight to see..and ron artest draining 3s this season.. Lakers looking to go all the way to the dance this season..
21st November 2012 06:08
too bad they didnt have some InsideTrax for those Kobe Gerald Wallace FTs