18th December 2012 07:08
spoonie always seems to be getting them to flip lol. i know he doesnt like gl3s cuz the vag tongue.

Yeah, I just can't rock the split tongue. The selvedge denim ones were nice, but I stayed up to get the stealth foams, and fell back asleep when my alarm went off for the RF release.
18th December 2012 08:46
Lol. Thats rough man. If i tried that i wouldve fell asleep too.

18th December 2012 21:15
Whats up everyone! How is everyone doing? Haven't been here in a while. But congrats to Madcapsules for graduating from UH this past weekend!! I still need to give you your lei, since you left early.

Very nice pickups Spoonie. I was on the hence on getting those Supreme AF1's Hows the quality on them? The waterproof canvas looks promising though.

And hope you're feeling better jay. I've heard you've been sick.

19th December 2012 05:43
the split tongue is pretty awkward. i over slept on that release and by the time i got to it only had small sizes. the hype slowly growing on gl3.

congrats to all who graduated this week from UH!!!

the prices on them preme af1 is crazy already. the cheapest pair i can find is 215...sigh, tough times i suppose.
19th December 2012 19:00
im good man, thanks for asking. i was in bad shape, but when spoonie told me about the white highs, i forced myself to go down cuz i knew id regret it if i slept and nm ended up not secured theirs. when i went down i got to try sizes for the highs which was good because i wouldve end up with a bigger pair if i went by the size i have in the lows, but they sold the size i needed in white. was pretty bummed and irritated. Ended up grabbing them off balenciaga's site a couple days later, no tax and free shipping, so it worked out...well as long as the correct order comes through. i never got them yet.

hype is at a ridiculous level already on runners. people going gaga over some ugly and horrible releases just because it's the latest collab lol. people asking crazy money for older rf releases and getting them. im trying to parlay a couple pairs into a big trade for a longtime grail. hopefully i can make it happen.

the supreme af1s were very simple and clean. i was tempted to grap either the camo or black, but then i remembered i dont really wear af1s. always felt bulky on my feet, for that reason i never purchased a pair of bapestas in my life. i was more surprised the guy in australia im always buying supreme for never bothered to ask me to grab them. $215 still seems not bad. I sold those red supreme SBs for like $450.
20th December 2012 08:22
Thanks Ralph, sorry didn't get to see you.

I booked a $300 RT HNL->LAX in March. Anyone got some must try spots aside from Roscoes and Pinks?
20th December 2012 23:58
kev what was the price difference for the stroller?
21st December 2012 00:23
Thanks Ralph, sorry didn't get to see you.

I booked a $300 RT HNL->LAX in March. Anyone got some must try spots aside from Roscoes and Pinks?

there's lotsa places you can try.
it just depends on how long you're staying and which part of LA you're staying at. LA is just a widespread city and the good shit here is really scattered.
21st December 2012 05:02
Monkey Boy:
kev what was the price difference for the stroller?

you mean regular color or limited edition color? or bee vs cameleon?

21st December 2012 05:52
the discounted price you got compared to the regular $699 price. haha i was thinking after typing that that it doesn't make sense.

higuy what size did you get the flyknits in? 10 or 10.5?