**OFFICIAL** Drawing/Sketch/Paintings/Photoshop/Graffiti Thread!

9th November 2012 05:56

15th November 2012 00:39
Typography assignment for my Design class. Chose to do Nujabes:

ver. 1, may redo it if when I find the time


version 2. The text shows up bright in PS, but for some reason it gets darkened when it's not a .PSD. Oh well

this is dope
16th November 2012 05:58

18th November 2012 15:02
mini MJ portrait
18th November 2012 15:53
mini MJ portrait

I just saw the ballpoint pen next to it for scale, thats awesome how small it is. Great work.
19th November 2012 01:07
mini MJ portrait

best player to ever play in the planet haha

and nice job on the portrait
19th November 2012 23:49

22nd November 2012 02:40

22nd November 2012 20:30
i did this sketch yesterday, i call it "Fuck Graffiti"

23rd November 2012 05:58
i see your woman and raise you: