**OFFICIAL** Drawing/Sketch/Paintings/Photoshop/Graffiti Thread!

9th August 2012 10:20
Anything related from Drawings, Sketches, Painting, Water Painting, Photoshop, Photo/Photoshop Vectors ETC. Feel free to post your work up!

Previous Thread;
' http://solecollector.com/forums/2010-OFFICIAL-SKETCH-DRAWING-THREAD/78:0:858709/'

16th August 2012 23:17
unfinished project of mine

29th August 2012 07:46
All done by me

DSC05626 by Vergz Oner, on Flickr

DSC05591 by Vergz Oner, on Flickr

DSC05599 by Vergz Oner, on Flickr
7th September 2012 00:46

10th September 2012 21:11
blast off:

12th September 2012 17:07

From- Marvin king!
15th September 2012 12:18
thank you.

15th September 2012 19:46
blast off:
thank you.

i use to be into tagging fun to do but big consequences
17th September 2012 09:33
Got a question about post-processing. (Photoshop)

I'm trying to achieve this effect in this photo:

I'm assuming that there is SOME post-processing involved. Or am I wrong?

Any ideas?
18th September 2012 00:57