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24th September 2012 17:55'
13th October 2012 05:24
50mm 1.8

24th October 2012 02:00
I'm selling A Nikon F5 (body only), SB600 in didn't condition, Nikkor 20-35mm 2.8, Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8 so i can upgrade to a D7000. Considering all offers.
13th November 2012 01:54
wassup i got a 85 1.2 mkII for trade message me if youre interested and state the lenses you are ready to offer. thanks for your time
28th November 2012 05:19
I'm trying to convince my friend that this is an excellent deal for my slightly used T2i+Extras


But hes complaining that there is already a T4i out and blah blah
8th December 2012 05:38

12th December 2012 02:59
Alex J:
Looking for Neutral Density Filters that equate to 10 stops.

quite true
17th December 2012 17:42

31st December 2012 06:15

17th February 2013 06:03
Have following for sale:

Alien bee800: used once ( I am only owner) 240 obo

Canon 35mm f/2: with warranty card and box: 270obo