OFFICIAL: Air Jordan VI/VII "Golden Moments" Pack Thread | NO BUY/SELL/TRADE/FLAMING = BAN

15th April 2012 07:43
The 7s are a pass,but them 6s on the other hand will look sexy next to my first DMP 6 and my DB 6
15th April 2012 13:36
I like the 7 s more then the 6s
15th April 2012 15:29
they prob go high like infared pack

prob cop
15th April 2012 20:38
they prob go high like infared pack

i guess these will be much higher
15th April 2012 20:54
$340 Price tag is wack and unnecessary, but I'm coppin them regardless.
15th April 2012 22:46
These are fire. Once they sell out resale price is going to steep. Must cop
17th April 2012 19:42
^ Only want the VI..Damn JB for making this a pack.

Sadly passing.
17th April 2012 20:36
Must Cop
17th April 2012 20:53
Niiiiiiiice, even the 7's are growing on me...
17th April 2012 21:24
Can't wait for these. Always wanted the 6's and the 7's are nice too.