OFFICIAL 7th: SB Shoe Pick-Up Thread 2013!

23rd January 2013 01:52
just traded my 2nd pair of pigs for these DS Money Cat Lows

Clean. I'd take a pair of these over the Pigs anyday

thanks man, yea im happy with that and i also got another pair of pigs for myself i still love those things, i should have another pickup coming in next week, and nice pick up on those HUFs up there
23rd January 2013 02:40
van doren sk8 hi
23rd January 2013 02:46
van doren sk8 hi

Very clean. I just recently picked those up.
23rd January 2013 17:34
FINALLY got a pair of these at below retail LMAO: One of my newest Grail!!

23rd January 2013 18:51
^ Ehh krampus are not bad. throw some green laces on them. Non less under retail, why not.

All them porkys ? I know he aint going to wear them all .. Oh well.

Mula Cats, hufs, Jams .. Goodshit guys. Got something comming soon. Post pics when i recieve the package.
23rd January 2013 23:59
Traded one of my extra pairs of Porky's for some Space Jams

24th January 2013 00:30
I would've done the same. Nice SJs.
24th January 2013 02:19
thanks man, yea i love those vans... speaking of which, couple more pairs came in today
new pickups

24th January 2013 04:48
Traded one of my extra pairs of Porky's for some Space Jams

FRESH. Great Pick up's all
24th January 2013 05:10
It's nice to see the Porky's as a trade stone for some nice SB's. Nice pick ups.