OFFICIAL 7th: SB Shoe Pick-Up Thread 2013!

5th January 2013 16:17

- Post Pictures of your Pickups
- Follow the Rules of the Skateboarding Forum

Old Thread:

Enjoy & welcome to the new year!

Thanks for the people who tag their pics, Fellow Members, please tag your pick ups. With username & date. To Better prevent scamming and fraud.

5th January 2013 18:07
6th January 2013 01:14
suede so nice
6th January 2013 02:28
Nice pickups.
8th January 2013 17:09
Got these a while ago. I was planning on restoring them and putting up before and after pics, but let's just say I never got around to it, lmao. Also, I couldn't find a proper place to post this question: How similar do the "Thunder Blue" SB lows look to Lodens in sunlight?

8th January 2013 21:35
just copped crown royals
9th January 2013 02:15
9th January 2013 02:15
just copped crown royals

I need to cop those. Just waiting on the price to drop below retail.
9th January 2013 02:22
my favorite.
9th January 2013 06:06
clean neptunes and tweeds