OFFICIAL 6th: SB Shoe Pick-Up Thread 2012!

1st January 2012 05:05

- Post Pictures of your Pickups
- Follow the Rules of the Skateboarding Forum

Old Thread:

Enjoy & welcome to the new year!

Thanks for the people who tag their pics, Fellow Members, please tag your pick ups. With username & date. To Better prevent scamming and fraud.

1st January 2012 07:55
Happy New Years and may your pick ups be awesome.
1st January 2012 22:31
2nd January 2012 01:39
Nice janoski pickup
2nd January 2012 04:15
nice pickups
2nd January 2012 05:38
Just got some Plum highs in the mail.
2nd January 2012 05:44
nice plums and brogues, i need to get both
2nd January 2012 06:41
nice plums my dude
2nd January 2012 07:49
Just got some Plum highs in the mail.

nice plums. happy new year to everyone
2nd January 2012 16:18
good stuff on the wingtips and plum highs, both shoes i have yet to wear yet :/ need to break out the wingtips soon, so dope!